Eclectic Eric Goode’s loft in Manhattan

This is the amazing apartment of Eric Goode. It’s one of the most impressive and intriguing lofts we’ve presented and it’s also one of my favorites. The loft is a combination between stuffed animals, Chinese lanterns, a Le Corbusier Sofa and a drawer containing human bones. It sounds scary at first but one you see the actual pictures everything starts to make sense.

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As soon as I saw that amazing stuffed lion I immediately fell in love with this place. The stuffed animals could be easily explained. Eric Goode started out as an artist that made stuffed animals. He’s currently the owner of the hedonistic ‘Area’ club and the MK club and he is a man who really knows how to have fun. And just in case you were wondering how those animals ended up in his apartment, you should know that they all died of natural causes and the owner is strongly opposed to the idea of killing animals.

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The amazing lion from the living room is a vintage piece that came from a taxidermist and the bulldog came from the Midwest. In the living room there’s also an interesting sculpture that’s actually a reminder of the mechanical factory years. Next, the kitchen is very colorful and vibrant and color is present all over the apartment.

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The bedroom has colorful lanterns and the apartment is decorated with several paintings by Philip Taaffe, a couple of Washol fish drawings in the kitchen and a Nan Goldin print. As you can see, everything that you can see in that apartment has a story so nothing is random.{found on yatzer}