Echo Night Stand Storage

There are a lot of nightstand designs, but this is entirely different which can stand by its one side to support and challenge the gravity. The name of the concept is LG Hi-Macs, which can give the product a smooth graceful curve and shape. Echo can be installed on the wall simply by mounting a metal bracket and sliding it into the exact position. When installed, the open area of this nightstand faces the user’s bed allowing more convenience and functionality.

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It’s a very interesting design for a nightstand, very different from the usual ones. It’s a little more artistic and stylish, but still very practical and functional.  It features a drawer and an additional storage space underneath. You can use it to store books, magazines or other things you might like to read before going to bed. You can also use to place alarm clock or the cell phone.

It’s a very modern and beautiful nightstand. It has beautiful curved lines and a very interesting shape that created an artistic image. It might not seem like a very well balanced and solid piece, but it might surprise you. And if you still have doubts, you can just mount it on the wall just to be sure. It’s easy to install and this way it’s going to be even more functional because it faces the bed and allows you to have easier access to it.