Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for Selling

If you want to sell your home in the near future, bear in mind some important design and décor tips. Here is how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Improve the Bathroom.

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Pay Attention to Details

The bathroom is an important room that potential buyers look at when they scrutinize a house. Make sure that the bathroom is cleaned and that the tiles have been grouted to prevent any mould or fungus. You can also improve on the details in the bathroom, such as by replacing a tattered shower curtain and installing trendy door handles or knobs.

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Showers that Attract

Larger renovations could include creating bigger showers as this is a trend in home décor that appeals to younger home owners.

Update the Kitchen.

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Appliances are What Potential Buyers Notice

The kitchen is where the home comes alive. It is also the place where people regroup after a busy day. It’s the heart of the home, so make sure it is shiny and warm. Instead of focusing too much on aesthetics (as different people have different design preferences), concentrate on countertops and appliances. A few modern ones go a long way to impress potential buyers.

Fix the Flooring.

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Hardwood is the Easy Option for Boosting Your Home

Ensure sustainable flooring options that will not wear away after a season or two. Good choices for the floor include hardwood and tile. In fact, a survey conducted in 2003 of 29,000 houses in Philadelphia that was done by Florida State University found that wood flooring in a home boosted its sale price by approximately 6 per cent, while a combination of tile and wood increased it by about 11 per cent, when compared to homes that only had carpeting.

Go Green.

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Solar Panels Flare up Buyers’ Interest

A few eco-friendly options in the home can elevate your home’s standing and improve your chances of selling it. This is because there has been an awakening to more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Installing solar panels, for instance, has been said to increase the chances of selling homes by approximately $5.50 per watt of energy-generating capability. That’s according to a study nine years in length that was carried out by the Department of Energy. So, if a system puts out 3100 watts of energy, this could amount to over $17,000 of increased value to your house.

Keep it Simple.

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Clean and Neutral Walls are a Winner

You might love purple walls and flashy colors in your décor, but this is not to everyone’s taste. That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on using neutral color palettes on the walls if you’re eager to sell your home in the near future. White is the common choice, but you can also focus on beige and soft greys that add a stylish touch without being too overwhelming.

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