Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Construction

The green living mantra is not going away any time soon. Here are easy ways to include eco-friendly ideas into your construction, for a sustainable and healthy living space.

Bamboo Floors.

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Darkly Stained Bamboo for Rustic, Sophisticated Flooring

Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. It is a material that is similar to hardwood and it’s easy to install. What makes bamboo so great from an eco-friendly perspective is that it is very sustainable: it is durable and easy to maintain. From a décor perspective, you can choose different types of hues and grains of bamboo, depending on your designing requirements.

Rubber on the Roof.

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Rubber is an Eco Roof Idea that Comes in Various Colors

Rubber might not be thought of as a good roof material, but it’s a fantastically eco-forward approach to ensuring a more sustainable home. Roofs that are made from rubber make use of recycled tires, saw dust and slate dust. These types of roofs are value for money: they are less likely to crack or wear away due to climate.

Wooden Walls.

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Sustainable and Beautiful

Making use of materials that are no longer needed but can be transformed into something new is at the pinnacle of sustainable living. An example is using salvaged wood on the walls or turning it into a creative room divider.{image from Garrison Hullinger}.

Upcycled Steel.

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Green and Glam Furnishings Go a Long Way

You can make the most of any old steel by transforming it into your construction. In the above picture you can see how recycled steel rings can be used in the creation of an interesting and beautiful staircase railing.

Solar Panels.

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Energize Your Home

The use of solar panels is an easy way to make your construction much greener because these panels help to transform the energy usage in your home. Although initially expensive, solar panels are fairly easy to install and they last an average of 30 or 40 years. They also make the outside of your home look chic and modern.

Install Low-E Windows.

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Low E Windows Save Energy While Creating a Comfortable Living Space

Low-emissivity (or Low-E) glass is an energy efficient glass that prevents heat from escaping through the windows. It has an invisible coating on its surface to reduce heat transfer, making your rooms much warmer during the colder months. Replacing your current windows with Low-E glass will not only make your home more energy efficient, but it will lower your electricity bills.

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