How To Make Easy Paint Drip Vases And Planters

The paint drip technique may not be new but lately it has become quite popular. Its simplicity and diversified applicability makes it a perfect choice for simple DIY projects involving vases and flower pots or planters. You can use this painting technique whenever you want to add some color to your indoor garden.



It would appear that this technique was discovered by mistake, just like many other great things. What’s beautiful about it is that no two vases or planters will look the same. So if you want something unique to decorate your home with, this could be it. Let’s say you want to decorate a vase. You can pour some paint on the bottom and let it drip and dry. You can also start from the top. The result will be similar. Such decorations can be used if you want to give your home a Moroccan-inspired look.{found on livethemma}.

Yello drip paint on a pot

It would be interesting to use the paint drip technique on handmade pottery. If you’re interested in this, you can make your own vases and pots. They may not look perfect but they’ll be very special. In any case, painting them will be very simple. Make sure the pot is clean before you start. You can apply a base coat of paint if you want it to have a particular color. Let it dry and then start to pour paint on the edge, letting it drip down. {found on myclevernest}.

Ombre drip paint flower pot

An interesting suggestion is to use two or more different colors and to give the pots a marbled design. The idea comes from madincrafts and it pretty simple. Basically you start with a color of your choice. You place the pot upside down and you pour paint on the edge, letting it drip down. You then take another color and you repeat. You can also add a third color.

Dripped watercolor terracotta pot

If you’d rather create the design and pattern yourself, you can use a different approach. Let’s say you want to give your flower pot and watercolor design. You can first paint it white so you have a nice clean base to work on. Then take a small brush and watercolor paints and start painting. You can let some of the paint drip down so you get a more natural look. Check out growcreativeblog for more details.

Can planter drip paint

Terracotta pots are not your only option. You can use this painting technique on a lot of other things, metal cans included. You could turn some old paint cans into interesting planters for your deck or garden. First you should clean them and remove any labels that may exist. Then start to dribble paint around the edges. Let the paint dry and then you can add soil and plants. {found on brightboldbeautiful}.

polish drip paint

If you want your vases or planters to look a bit more glamorous and simple paint just won’t do it, there’s also another option, beautifully described on Helloglow. You’ll need nail polish for this. Basically you’ll be decorating the pot the same way you would if you were using paint. You can use glittered nail polish if you like sparkles.