Build Your Own Terrarium To Capture Nature’s Beauty

Building your own terrarium is a very simple thing to do. You can make one out of just about anything. There are many design variations you can try, depending on the size you want for the terrarium, the shape, theme, colors, etc. But usually the basics stay the same and it all starts with some sort of glass container, some gravel and dirt and then the decorations.


The most fun thing about terrariums is getting to layer all the materials and to build everything with your own hands. Let’s say you want to make a small terrarium. You can use a transparent glass cup for this. Put some gravel at the bottom, add some soil and then a little of moss, some twigs, leaves and a few decorations.

DIY chandelier west elm terrarium

Remember those vintage brass and glass chandeliers that everyone used to have at one point? It would be a bit difficult to find one in good condition right now, one which you can actually use for its intended purpose. What you can do, however, is find a broken one and use it to make a chic terrarium. We found this idea on thekimsixfix.

Moss terrarium DIY

Another thing you can repurpose when making a terrarium is a glass candle holder. The one on we-are-scout has a timber base but a full glass design would also work just fine. The list of supplies you’ll need for this project also includes some small dark pebbles, potting mix, charcoal, moss and decorations such as stones and other things.

Striped Succulent Terrarium

A terrarium can make a lovely home for a succulent plant. Here’s how the whole process goes. First you find a cylindrical glass vase and some sand in various colors. You’ll also need small pebbles and succulent soil. Put a layer of pebbles at the bottom and then add a layer of soil and a layer of sand. Put the plant in. add layers of colored sand until you cover the roots and you’re happy with the way it all turned out. {found on transientexpression}.

DIY tinted glass beach jar

If you want to make a beach-inspired terrarium such as the one on helloglow, you’ll need a container similar to the glass globe featured here, some sand, shells, and air plants. You can give the container a subtle blue tint using food coloring mixed with water and some gloss mod podge to seal it.

Mason jar favors

A terrarium in a jar is an interesting idea for a party favor. You can make several of these using simple glass jars with the labels removed, some choco rocks, brown sugar and a succulent wine stopper. In case you’re confused you should know this is an edible terrarium. Isn’t this a really fun idea? Find out more about it on kraftmint.

Easter eggss terrariums

Another fun thing to do is a bunch of mini egg-shaped terrariums perfect for Easter. You’ll need clear plastic eggs, some soil, tiny succulents, moss and jute string. You can spray paint the bottom half of the eggs and only leave the top portion transparent. The idea comes from designlotus.