Easy DIY Desk With Ikea Table Tops and Legs

This nice project , like many others was born from a necessity. The need of a grater working space that would run the length of those big windows pushed the owner to an custom made individual project. Already knowing what she wanted, Jenny  picked some wooden table tops and matching legs and start working. First she assembled the legs and tops to look like a desk. The three leg design turned out great, looking really stylish and modern. The next step was to paint the wooden structure with some water based paint. Because she wanted to be able to see the knots and some of the grain in the wood through the paint job a little more water was added so the paint layer was not necessarily thinner but less dense.

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It all took around 10 minutes and then  was left to dry. To achieve a cool bras look on the legs Jenny used  a foam brush and a drop of metallic parlor gold. NO primer, just two or three coats sealed with Polycrylic  should be enough for you too.As we can see the setting is perfect for the finished product and I love the combination of pickled wood with modern brassy legs.After you jum see more Diy desk ideas.

Diy desk1View in gallery

Diy desk1

Not to mention the incredible large surface where more than one person can work simultaneously. I admit  that I’m fascinated by the multitude of ideas for doing fantastic items with simple things. What a lovely, inspiring office this woman managed to create in such a short period of time.{found on littlegreennotebook}.