Easy Bloom Plant Sensor

Technology is one of the sciences that have opened new perspectives for us. it is a branch that made our life easier and more beautiful.Technology made us evaluate and discover new ways of making our life become different and interestingIf you are a nature lover and you love plants, here it is an interesting gadget that might help you to choose the right place for the appropriate flower.

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Flowers are so different that is why it is important to pay attention to their characteristics and choose the correct soil, temperature and light.It is a gadget which has the shape of a flower, called Easy Bloom and can give you a lot of information about a certain place chosen for planting. The 11 inch stick is shoved into the soil and its sensors gather the information. Then after 24 hours you can plug it into your computer’s USB port and the data will be uploaded to plantsense.com. .You will get a list with the perfect flowers that you can choose for planting and other information too.

Take advantage of this gadget and do a nice work that can bring you a lot of satisfaction!{avaiabe here for $80}

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