10 Darling Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door for Easter

Easter approaches quickly and with it, plans that include delicious quiche and bouquets of flowers. When you’re hosting an Easter brunch for family and friends, you have to think of not only the menu, but also how to make your house look as springy as possible. After all, it’s impossible not to let springtime go to the head just a little bit, which is why you’ll want to start your spring welcome at the front door. Give up the store-bought arrangements and create a gorgeous Easter wreath with one of these 10 DIYs.

blue eggs wreath

Robins eggs are one of the only things in nature that are colored blue. So you can’t go wrong with a wreath decked out in robin’s eggs and moss. It’s definitely using natures natural tones to your advantage. (via I Love You More Than Carrots)

yarn wrapped wreath

Yarn is a great crafting necessity because the possibilities are endless! Use whatever color matches all your other spring decor and start wrapping away on your wreath. Bonus points if you add pretty felt flowers. (via Very Truly Me)

paper daffodils

Gather the kids because they’ll want to help you make this paper daffodil wreath. All you need are sheets of white and yellow paper, q-tips, some yellow food coloring and a styrofoam wreath. Then open you windows and get ready to spend a pleasant afternoon crafting. (via Classic Play)

succulent wreath

Of course there’s nothing like a wreath of real plants or flowers. Succulents are a fabulous alternative to freshly cut blooms and, being a hearty plant, they’ll last much longer on your wreath. After the event, you can plant the succulents in pots and place them around your home! (via Garden Therapy)

sparkly eggs

Welcome your guests with a pop of neon and glitter. While this wreath was the product of an old wreath makeover, it would be a simple DIY for anyone to begin with. In fact, you may even have all your components already! (via The Homesteady)

tulip wreath

While they might look like it, these are not real tulips. Get that JoAnn’s coupon ready because you’re going to buy them out of their fake tulips the next time you visit. But they’ll look simply gorgeous on your front door. (via The Frugal Homemaker)

peeps wreath

Did you know that you can even use food to create wreaths? This Peeps wreath is just a matter of hot glue and those marshmallow-y treats. I know it’s hard, but you must refrain from eating them. We don’t want a sparse wreath. (via Mom Advice)

bunny wreath

What could be more appropriate for an Easter brunch than a wreath shaped like a bunny? Believe it or not, this is a simple DIY that you can have done and dusted in a few hours. I think the Easter bunny would approve. (via Bubbly Nature Creations)

little flowers

Sometimes when it comes to flowers, you just want something sweet and simple. This wreath certainly fills that criteria without giving up any of it’s spring beauty. Who knew such small blooms could make such a big impact! (via Lovelies in My Life)

floral wallpaper wreath

This wreath is all about the wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper. But when you think about it, all you have to do is cut it out and glue it together. You can totally catch up on your favorite show while you do that and have it done in one episode. (via The House That Lars Built)