Easily Transforming Table, Desk, Chair and Podium

Nowadays, everybody is searching for airy pieces of furniture which do not occupy too much space and creates the idea of a spacious room.

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When these pieces of furniture are expandable, convertible or have some other advantages, they become more attractive and wanted by people.You may take this piece of furniture for example. It is a convertible piece of furniture called Ecobank. It has three modes of operation, it is dynamic and it is easy to use.

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It is a piece of furniture which can become a chair, a table and a podium too. So, you do not need three separate pieces of furniture and by simple rotations you can get three different things but using just one piece of furniture. Your space will not be crowded with too much furniture so you can enjoy all your room as much as you can.What can you wish more from a piece of furniture with so many advantages?