Eames Hang-It-All

Coat racks that can be found in the hallway are very useful because this is the place where people take off their coats and they must have a place to store all of them until they need them next. And most coat racks and hangers have hooks that are designed to hold heavier or lighter coats. But very few of them have hooks with a different positioning that are able to hold hats or umbrellas or even scarves and you will find these items on the floor. I guess some other people, too, had noticed this problem and tried to find out a viable solution. These guys are the designers called Charles and Ray Eames and they created Eames Hang-It-All. Photo gallery eames hang it all 1

Photo gallery eames hang it all 1

The rack is very simple, yet funny in design, with many metal branches with colourful knobs at each end. Each arm is positioned in a different way, so as to ensure stability for all the items hanging there. It is made of strong metal and this makes it resistant and able to hold even heavier things like a fur coat or a laptop bag. It is loved by both kids and adults and you can purchase it for $199.