Dynamic Building Design- Paris, RATP Formation Center by Stephane Maupin Architectes

We all have different jobs and various working places. The more attractive your working place seems, you will be more impatiently to come to work. If it is a place that offers you all the conditions you need for developing your activity and looks nice than your working hours will become more pleasant and full of satisfaction.

RATP Formation Center Architecture

This dynamic building, Paris RATP Formation Center, designed by Stephane Maupin Architectes is such kind of place where its employees feel nice and like the place where they work. At a first glance, it looks like a ship although it has a triangular shape. It is made of concrete and consists of five buildings, which each of them has five floors.The interiors of the building are spacious, full of light and its furniture is modern and has an attractive design.

French Building RATP Formation Center Alley

Architecture RATP Formation Center

RATP Formation Center View on Top

RATP Formation Center Interior Space and Blue Furniture

Although it is a building surrounded by all kinds of city noises, it looks like a stable ship in a harbor which waits its captain and sailors to come and begin their explorations.