Duravit Darling New Furniture Washbasin

You may think you know everything about every day object, that they all look the same and nothing can surprise you. Well, this is not true and I am the living proof of this. I am constantly surprised to see new things or old things under a new design and appearance. It’s like having an old computer screen with a long tube behind and everyone around you has the same kind of screen and suddenly you see a flat screen. That was my feeling when I saw this amazing Duravit Darling New Furniture Washbasin.

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It is just a bath washbasin and it is used exactly for the same purpose, but it has a different design and look. Instead of being just a wash basin that must be seated on support, now this is a washbasin that is directly incorporated into its support. It looks like you have a large piece of marble and start carving it until you get to this result. The washbasin is actually made of porcelain and is all white and shiny.

It is available in many sizes and the large ones allow you to choose between one tap hole and three. It is very modern and cool and now it can be purchased directly from the online store for a price starting with 118 pounds, which may be nigger depending on size.