Duoplane CD/DVD Shelf

I bet you all have a lot of CD and DVD cases all over your house. That happens because we are surrounded by technology and we use these items in our every day life on a regular basis. You have photos and music on them, your wedding or your child’ s birth recorded on them or simply recreational games. So after a while you realize the pile of DVD cases is bigger and bigger and you can’t find a place in your home to store all of them in a sort of order so that you can find what you want fast enough. That is why you need a CD or DVD shelf because it is the best solution to cover walls if you want a storage space than to use the floor for the same purpose. This saves space and is a very reasonable solution.

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This Duoplane CD/DVD Shelf is designed by Sojiro Inoue and I guess its name comes from the funny shape that reminds you of a biplane. It is functional and modern and has the perfect size for your CD and DVD cases. It is able to hold up to 75 cases and you can arrange it horizontally or vertically on your wall, depending on your home design and available space. It is made of bent steel with a durable powdercoat finish and it is available in different colours. You can have it for $89-99.