Duo plus cocktail cabinet from EO

When you want to relax after work, in weekends or holydays, you often prefer to go in a pub or club and have a drink. But sometime you’re just not in the mood to go out, perhaps because you are tired of all the noise, smoke and agitation. However, you can still have a glass of wine or a cocktail at your own house, by your own or inviting some friends.

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Some may consider this is a compromise because at home lots of the fancy bar accessories are missing. You may miss the lights, the bar, the cool glasses and ice. Now you don’t have to fear that anymore because the new Duo plus cocktail cabinet from EO, designed by Wulf Schneider, brings the club atmosphere to your house.

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The cocktail cabinet is designed to allow you shelter in it all the accessories you need. Glasses, bottles, ice bucket and more, all are put together to make you feel like an authentic bartender. The cabinet has a simple structure with opaque glass walls, which give the impression of a big ice cube.

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A more contemporary and partying look is given by the fact that this cabinet can go flashy.  You can light your cabinet and change its color from blue to white, pink, green, red, orange and violet. This way, besides your cocktail drinks, you will have inside your living room a cocktail of colors. The cabinet also can have an extendible shelf and can be commanded from a high tech controller.