Dunlin Marble Coasters

Coasters are used for protecting the surface of the table when you place some hot or really cold dish or glass on it. Furniture is very sensitive when it comes to extreme heat or coldness or maybe too much moisture, especially if that furniture is lacquered. In this case the lacquer will be affected and the dish or the glass will leave ugly marks on your furniture, be it a table or a counter top. Coasters can be made of different materials, some of them being made of wood, some of plastic and some of other unusual materials. But if you ask me the best material for a coaster is marble. It has the resistance of a rock and the good looks of a statue material. You can polish it and it will look great. Dunlin Marble Coasters are the perfect example.

56Marble is very good for keeping the heat and moist away from the furniture and it is also very resistant. Your other coasters may get deteriorated after a few months , but not these. These can last for ever and they are also very beautiful, so you can use them for decorative purposes, too. These coasters are and-cut and water polished  and have a very nice brown colour with dark veins in it. You can buy a set of six for View in gallery