Dubai Opera House by Zaha Hadid

An extraordinary building for an extraordinary purpose. This impressing 70.000 sqm project consists of two solid geometric forms wrapped in an exoskeleton. The two large components share a similar form, color and structural expression and add a modern touch to this already very artistic structure.What better way to bring a tribute to art than with a colossal artistic project like this?

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Dubai opera house1

Zaha Hadid, the architect that came up with this idea and, more important than this, he materialized it, explains that this unique twin boulder design was meant to create a transaction between the emerging new town and the rest of the city. It is a truly futuristic structure that manages to combine the best of both worlds: it has a very modern look on the outside and, still, it preserves a classic atmosphere on the inside, in the form of a series of fluid ribbons that wrap the main stage. This icon of culture successfully took art to the next level.