Dual Striped Rug

Stripes are nice when you put them on a piece of fabric and use them as a modern pattern. Look at the American flag! Stripes look even better on a curved woman, but they look at their best on a rug in the middle of your dining room or living room. So if you want to bring some life and colour to your otherwise pretty dull home, all that you have to do is get this beautiful Dual Striped Rug. Actually this rug has a very interesting pattern with stripes: half of the stripes are white while the others are colours in halves – half of them is turquoise while the other half is dark grey.

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This combination of colours and stripes makes a very interesting visual effect and it will be a funny and lively pattern for any home. You will simple need to get this rug in the middle of a totally boring room and the effect will be immediate. The rug is made of cotton and has stitched edges, which makes it look so natural and loose. This woven rug is crafted by those from Assembly Home and it is sold for $89 on their web site.