Dropbox’s New San Francisco Office – A Playful Space Designed To Be Functional & Comfortable

It’s important to have fun at the workplace and to feel comfortable there. After all, it’s like your second home. Most big companies understand that and we’ve seen a lot of beautiful headquarter and office interior designs which focus on making the employees feel welcome and comfortable. Here’s a new great example. It’s the new Dropbox headquarters located in San Francisco.

Dropbox san francisco office3

It was a project by Boor bridges Architecture and Geremia Interior Design. The space is filled with energy and it has a dynamic and playful interior. The team focused on maximizing functionality but also also on making the space feel cozy.

Dropbox san francisco office

Dropbox san francisco office1

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They used modular furnishings and included greenery into their design. The space is open and features groupings of open workstations as well as shard work rooms. It also includes a series of informal lounges, a kitchen and meeting rooms.

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Playfulness seems to be a leitmotif here. The meetings rooms have names such as the “Romance chamber” or the “Break up room” and there’s also a “Back to the future” meeting room. There are also all sorts of familiar messages and phrases written on the walls, such as the legendary “Challenge accepted”.

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The way in which the work spaces were organized was based on the concepts of team unity, isolated acoustics and interaction. Of course, the space doesn’t lack artistic elements. There’s a culture walls that features a stunning mosaic of ping-pong balls.