DrinKlip Cup Holder

I love gadgets of all sorts and I think they are great. They make our lives a lot easier or at least a lot more fun. Of course some people might think you are eccentric if you have or use too many gadgets, but I like this modern era of technology because it brings a lot of gadgets that you can use in all fields. For example when I go to the office I just hate putting my steaming cup of coffee directly on the desk because it is kind of shiny and I hate to ruin its look. Ok, I can use a coaster, but there is always the danger to tip the coffee cup over and spill the liquid on my laptop, which is not so great any more. Well, this DrinKlip Cup Holder might be just the right solution for me.

Drinklip 1 610x400

It is based on such a simple idea that I am amazed nobody else had it before. It looks like a clothes pin except the fact that it is a lot larger and it can be clipped to the side of your table or desk. It can hold a range of cups with different diameters. The item is available in different colours and can be purchased for just $6.99.