Driftwood Garland

I really admire artists because they have a special skill, a special vision that allows them to see beautiful things into junk, into things that we find common and unattractive. And, just when you thought you were right and they weren’t they turn garbage into gold and prove it to you that they were right and they were artists. This special gift is the only one that can explain why just some people can do amazing things like this Driftwood Garland. For normal people the material used for this wall decoration is just drift wood, but for the designer it is part of a masterpiece.

DriftwoodGarlandS11This Driftwood Garland is obviously made of driftwood – small bits and pieces of wood that are thrown to the river banks or sea shore by the water and washed and washed in time and after that dried by the sunlight and wind. That is why this driftwood is sort of similar with bone in appearance.  This drift wood was gathered from the Philippines seashores and put together. The natives put these bits of driftwood of different sizes and colours on a nylon string and arrange it in  a certain way so as to obtain a great design. The result is an unusual garland that is made of driftwood and which can be used for decorating your wall both outdoors and indoors. If you want to buy such an amazing home accessory you can have it for $29.95.