Dreamy Dressing Room – Tailored Bohemian

If in the Hipster-style the attention is focused  on non-conventional and plain and simple the Tailored Bohemian style features items that reflect a certain personality and go hand in hand with a certain  spirit.  The term bohemian is applied to people who also live unconventionally but at the opposite pole, usually it refers to those who live “an artist’s life”, and like it or not this also refracts on style. Add to this the influences from the mid-century and you get a very unique and interesting interior design. Our propositions for this dreamy dressing room hopefully will be inspiring. Let’s take a look!

Concerto Six-Drawer Dresser.

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The dresser is part of the Concerto Collection and harmonizes a wide range of materials creating a classical look inspired by the Hollywood Regency style. Probably the first thing that catches the eye at this furniture piece is the mirror drawer fronts, that balances with the modern silky white lacquer. The frame and legs are constructed from Birch hardwood  with select Cherry veneers.  The extra thick mirror from the drawer fronts is replaceable and removable. The handles  are made from stainless steel dipped in nickel and polished until they shine. This particular Six-Drawer  Dresser measures 72”W  x  34”H  x 23”D so you have plenty of storage room for all you clothes and whatever you decide to put in it.   To complete this beautiful piece, a durable lacquer finish was applied so this beautiful dresser stays with you a long time without deteriorating. It costs only $ 999.00 .

Abigail Wing Chair.

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The Abigail Wing Chair is a beautiful patterned element  that draws the attention to the powerful  design. This wonderful  piece is supported by a hardwood frame with reinforced stress joints. The modern comfort standard  and durability is achieved thanks to some sinuous wire springs placed under the seat, as well through a high density  foam seat cushion. The biggest problem with springs is that they squeak; not this one, because the wires are secured to the front and back with Teflon coated metal clips. The upholster is 100% cotton and the arms are padded with super plush foam. The expresso-stain  finished legs have no problem sustaining any weight. This  32”W  x 36”D x 42”H Abigail Wind Chair costs $ 899.00.

Faux Barnacle Mirror.

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This wonderful mirror proposed to enchant an artist’s eye features a cool frame painted in delicate shades of pink and white. This is wonderful if you want texture to the environment. It measures 32”W x 40”H and costs around $2,145.00, if you want different dimensions the price changes according to model.

Oval stacked crystal lamp.

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To complete a moody, romantic ambiance, we have to focus on lighting too. A soft glowing lamp like this one, with oval crystals stacked one on top of each other  from the base, will definitely calm the white ambiance, revealing a different face of the Tailored Bohemian environment.  Price $525.00 .