Dreamy Dressing Room –Perfect Gentleman

Unlike the previous dressing room, where romance and un-conventional  were the words of order this design involves elegancy and simplicity and traditional.  A true gentleman demands respect and finesse. This should be reflecting in its environment as well. How to do this? Well, I kind of have some ideas, check this out.

Farmhouse Extra-Wide Dresser.

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What a better dresser for a gentleman you know, other than this one. The classic Shaker furniture trademark focuses on style, simplicity and craftsmanship. This Farmhouse Extra-Wide Dresser features six  fully finished dovetail drawers with decorative keyhole hardware.  The frame is constructed from solid mahogany and finished by hand in an exceptional espresso stain covered by a protective lacquer. The drawers are made of solid hardwood with wooden drawer stops and knobs.  The entire ensemble measures 66” W x 21”D x 36”H and the classical look inspires and is proof of true value that doesn’t  fade through time.  Spacious  and timeless this  extra wide dresser costs 1190.70 EUR.

Coen Chair.

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What could go better with that amazing dresser that a classical wooden chair.  The Coen Chair has an airy design  with a robust structure  that pleases the eye . Only two materials were  used to build this piece: wood, because is traditional and elegant and your choice of black, white and beige laminate top, which stands for modernism and style. The chair has a  generous size for a chair of this  type ( 24”W x 30.1”H x 21.7”D ) and costs $720.00 but it  has the advantage of  looks and versatility.

Rectangular Mirror.

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A sober and elegant style is defined by straight lines and dark colors. This mirror chosen to sit above the dresser matches perfectly that profile I was talking about earlier. It is by definition faithful to the traditional crafts. The frame is  made out of solid mahogany with a special hand-applied mahogany finish. It’s pretty generous size ( 45”W x 30”H) enables you to hang it horizontally or vertically and still have the same  powerful effect.  In such a décor this item is a must have, therefore, priceless, but still, to avoid making a fool of yourself when purchasing it you should have in your pockets at least 237.51 EUR.

Elis Table Lamp.

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To complete the set I strongly recommend using a lamp like this one. It is designed for this particularly kind of environment,  with a solid  sculptural base and  a neutral  soft glow. This will enhance the natural beauty of the other hardwood items as well as spreading into the entire space an elegant glim, with romantic notes. Price 103.26 EUR.