Dreamhost Office Interior Design Pictures

Dreamhost Office Interior is probably the most interesting office interior someone might think to design or to imagine. It is definitely the perfect image of the present, transposed in a modern way nowadays. When you generally think about an office, you picture a classic office area in which people are ready to do their work, but it is not the case with this particular office. It is enough to see the colours, shades of green, blue, red, in order to realize the fact that we are dealing with a different type of office, an atypical one.

Dreamhost office interior design pictures

The general idea created by Studio O+A is that of an open space which is very well-organized and structured and that it makes you feel at ease and just do you work without having to worry.  It is simple, modern, elegant and it seems to contradict everything you might expect.

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The wide glass windows offer that precious impression of wide space, the red on the walls animate the entire atmosphere and,  the specially designed sports area is the best example of being in the right place at the right time. What else could you want?A kitchen with all the necesarry things?Already done and it also has a great light over its entire area !A place for children?It is there!It is definitely an inspiring place which makes you realize that today everything is possible!