Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters

People are different all over the world and they each have different customs, traditions and beliefs. I personally find the traditions of the Native Americans really interesting and deep. For example they believe in spirits and in the power of dreams and they think that bad dreams influence us in a negative way. So they think that they can “catch: the bad dreams in a special net and keep them captive there until dawn when they can no longer influence those who sleep. This object is real and beautiful in my opinion and it is called a “dreamcatcher”. Well, it is beautiful and decorative and you can use it for giving a personal style to your room if you do not believe it can actually make your sleep better.

Img thingThis Dreamcatcher from Urban Outfitters is special and has a very interesting design. It is made of nylon, metal, wood, plastic, feathers and all kinds of colourful beads and stones. Each object is unique, as it is handmade . You can hang it over your bed or maybe on the living room wall, as it brings a special touch to the overall design of the room. It is not very big (10″ diameter, 21″h), but it has the right size to be noticed and admired. You can order it online for $29.