Draper Stripe Rug

If you ever think one of the rooms in your house is a bit boring, dare make a change and this should not be very hard if you decide to follow some of our suggestions and our advice. For example you can change the rug and choose a colourful one that will make your room brighter and merrier. I recommend this Draper Stripe Rug especially for the kids’ room because they seem to like vivid colours very much, but it is also perfect for the living room. The rug has an interesting design that is both simple and effective, as it brings white and yellow stripes together in an interesting mix that brings summer sunshine indoors.

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Actually the colour of the stripes is called citrine, which suggests fresh lemons and Mediterranean orchards of lemon-trees. The rug is flat and woven and made of a combination of 80% wool / 20% cotton. This makes it easy to clean and easy to dry, so perfect for a big family with children. Not to mention the fact that it is also lighter than a normal woolen rug and easier to transport. This particular rug is perfect for a small room, as its dimensions are 8’x10′. It can be purchased from Dwell Studio for $495.