Dramatic bedroom transformation with 600$

In my opinion we should all redecorate our room, especially our bedroom, after a period of time. I think that this particular bedroom makeover is a total blast. The difference between the old bedroom and the new one is extremely clearly. The brightness of the new room is putting the old dark room in the shadows.

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The best thing I’ve noticed about the bedroom new design is the closet doors that look like chalk boards, with the inscription of he and she. It gives a teenage touch to the room. The curtains that cover the windows are much more alive than the old ones. It looks like, at the level of the bed, the curtain is plugged in a little bit of love and passion.

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If you look more intense to the before and after images you will notice that, in fact, the room has not suffered a huge transformation. The wall has been repainted, the closet doors replaced and the curtain changed. On how little change has been made to the room, a much more impact you feel when you look at the pictures, because it was done with a nice design and skill technique.

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Gathering a lot of information from books, magazines and of course the internet, they’ve managed to transform this dead bedroom into an alive one! This is an exercise we all should try from time to time, just to express our personality and creativity. Small changes make a big difference.{found on designsponge and made by Tracey}.