Doug’s Word Clock

Speaking is a very curious thing. And so is time. You can “read” the clock and tell what time it is. And when you do this you use a certain code like a cypher that allows you to say “It’s half past three” when all you see on the clock is ” 3:30″. SO wouldn’t it be easier to just see the words instead of the symbols? I guess this was what Doug Jackson, a brilliant designer, thought. And, of course, immediately after that he designed Doug’s Word Clock. This clock is really special because it displays words instead of numbers (Arabic or Roman).

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The clock uses LED stripes and is placed inside and Acrylic box that is coloured in different ways. You can even personalize these clocks by adding the name of the family or person that will be the owner of the clock. It is interesting and unique and it is quite precise in telling time. All the clocks made by this intelligent Australian designer are hand made and every bit is hand cut and assembled.You can order these clocks directly to you from Canberra and all you will have to do is connect them to a power supply. The price is in Australian dollars – $269AUD.