Dotty days chicken ceramic nest and matching 4 egg cups

They say a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eggs are a frequent choice for it. Parents prefer to serve boiled eggs to their children, so they sometimes think about buying some funny egg cups for them, too. And since the hens are the ones actually making the eggs, I think this set with hen and chickens is the perfect choice for a family of four.

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The set is made of five pieces made of ceramics: a chicken nest that is actually a bowl large enough for four eggs that also has a lid looking like a hen and four egg cups also looking like chickens. The nest keeps the boiled eggs warm until you serve them and the egg cups can be given to each family member at the breakfast table.

They are so funny and colourful , but you can only hand wash them, as ceramics can crack if introduced in the washing machine. The whole set is available now for £20.49.