Dots Petal Bath Mat from Dwell Studio

I was raised to be a tough girl and to face all problems and hardships instead of running away from them. At the same time I was taught to never complain and to deal with bad weather and diseases without too many worries. That is why I do not wear any slippers in my home, even in winter. And i have no problem with that. But I do take care of my children because I don’t want to see them lying in bed with fever. So it was them I had in mind when I saw this nice Dots Petal Bath Mat from Dwell Studio.

Polka dot rug

It is perfect for the kids bathroom as it is pretty fluffy and keeps their tiny feet warm. Besides, it has a very nice design, appropriate for kids – Polka dots on a white background. The dots are pretty big in size and look great. The mat is double sided and made of cotton, so if there is some water splashing out of the sink, the mat will absorb it and it will not get on the floor , ready to cause accidents. Because the dots are coloured and they have a white background we recommend you to wash the mat with cold water. If you order it now you will have a special offer of just $39.20.