Polka Dots Everywhere: How To Decorate Your Walls With Them

It’s unclear when polka dots first became popular. Somewhere in the 1920s there was this phase in America and there have been several comebacks. Polka dots became a classic pattern and, more than that, they’re timeless. Right now this pattern is a chic direction in interior décor. Numerous variations of the classic are used in stylish and original ways.


A bunch of colorful polka dots can be used to decorate a work space in order to make it look more cheerful and to give it a fun and playful look. Here’s a nice idea: use washi tape and non-stick baking paper. Cut a piece of paper and stick strips of tape on it. Then draw a circle on the paper and cut it out. Now you have a dot which you can stick to your wall. Repeat with as many colors as you want.

Nursery room with colorful dots

Another space where a wall decorated with polka dots can look wonderful is the nursery room. It’s up to you to decide which colors to use. Some believe that pastels are the best option while others don’t exactly impose any rules. Just try to find a combination that feels right and avoid neon colors.{found on designsponge}.

Polka dots for teenage girl room

Of course, the colors of the polka dots have to be chosen depending on the wall color. For example, on a gray wall such as this one the combination or white and gold dots looks really chic. Other combos would look just as beautiful. Gray goes well with just about anything.

Nursery room with polka dots on wall

If you decide to turn one of the nursery walls into a polka dot display, consider using the colors that are repeated throughout the room. You can also give the pattern its own accent color. In this case, gold is the wall’s special shade.

White and gold polka dots for blue nursery room

In the case of a dark-colored wall, you should consider using light-colored polka dots. A good example is this lovely little boy’s nursery where blue was chosen as the accent color. To avoid creating a décor that’s too masculine, a bunch of white and gold polka dots cover the wall.{found on suzannkletzien}.

Neutral nursery room

When neutral colors are chosen for a specific interior décor, one way to avoid creating a monotonous look by playing with patterns and textures. Polka dots offer a cute and versatile option. They can be used on one of the walls in which case that part of the room would most likely become the focal point.

Elegant way to decorate the wall - are dots

Looking for a classical and elegant way to decorate a space? Then how about the black and white combination. A white wall could be decorated with black dots which could ave different dimensions. This type of décor can work for a workspace, bedroom, living room and pretty much any other space.

Another kids room with polka dots

If you don’t want the polka dots to steal all the attention or to overwhelm the room, make them small. Check out these cute black dots on the white attic wall. Since the room is small, the dots had to be tiny as well in order to keep the décor light and airy.

Gold polka dots on wall

Colors such as silver or gold have a feminine touch and are often used to add glamor to a décor. For example, you can add a pop of gold to a bedroom in the form of polka dots on the wall. The dots can be arranged in a repetitive pattern but can also be organized randomly.{found on stylebyemilyhenderson}.

Bohemian room decor with polka dots

In order to give a space the balanced and harmonious look it needs or to create the desired ambiance you need put together all the pieces when setting up the décor. A few golden polka dots can prove to be the missing piece in some cases.

Delicate kids play room with polka dots

If a delicate and simplistic look is preferred, consider this wonderful combination between beige walls and small white polka dots. The design is chic and simplistic especially considering everything else in the room. The textures and materials used throughout also play an important role in the final design.

Pink and black large polka dots

Sure, small polka dots can look cute, chic and so on but sometimes you want them to make a statement in which case you might want to consider some oversized dots instead. You can mix and match different colors or even introduce a pattern.

Teenage girl room with polka dots

You can also play with dots of different sizes. Some can be very large while others can be small. This is a wonderful strategy if you want to create a focal point in a certain part of the room or to fill up an empty corner. Depending on your goal, choose the appropriate colors and dimensions.

Oversized polka dots

If you decide to use oversized circles as a wall décor option, let them overlap and hide them behind windows and furniture so only a portion shows. This will give your design a playful look. You can also play with colors and create eye-catching combinations.