Dorothy Mug

I bet you all know the story with the Wizard of Oz, with Dorothy and her dog Toto either from the book you read when you were kids or from the nice and funny musical you saw on TV. Either way, Dorothy is a very popular character among kids and I know for sure all the little girls want sparkling red shoes like hers. And I guess we keep that fondness in our hearts long after we stop being children and like her as adults, too. That is why I love this Dorothy Mug. It would be just a coffee or tea mug with nothing particular to draw attention if it weren’t for the picture with Dorothy and Toto.

Anfb754p049The picture of Dorothy is in black and white, just like an old movie and it suits the white mug perfectly. It is a normal ceramic mug that has a ten ounces capacity and is perfectly suitable to be used with the microwave oven or cleaned in the washing machine. I guess the design is what makes it so special. And the price – $4.98.