15 Organizing Tips and Tricks for the Best College Dorm

Graduations are in sight and you seniors are anticipating jetting off to college. The classes, the people, the living away from home, there are so many things to look forward to when you graduate. But you’ve probably heard the horror stories about the dorm rooms that might have you a little anxious. There are so many tips about how to personalize your space but how are you supposed to decorate when you’re crammed into a small room with another person and all that furniture for two? The answer is smart storage. Using these 15 organizing tips and tricks in your dorm will give you the most enviable room in the building and leave you space to make your dorm feel like home. So grab your popcorn and check it out!

Bedside table cart

Moveable storage is always a luxury. Use an IKEA cart to store all your bedside necessities. It’s small with multiple shelves for storage and will roll away wherever you need it. (via I Heart Organizing)

Clear office drawer organizing

You might be tempted to throw all your class supplies into a drawer. Resist! Buying just a few clear plastic containers can help your drawers stay neat and tidy, enabling you to find your paperclips in a second. (via I Heart Organizing)

DIY charging station

With our laptops and our phones and our iPads, chords can easily make a space look messy. DIY a charging box like this that will hide all your extra chords. Plus, if you make one for your roommate, you’ll have no trouble finding who’s charging cable is whose. (via Tasha Chawner)

Hanging bucket storage

When you need all the horizontal space for studying and books and laptops, you have to think vertically. Hanging IKEA buckets from a command hook will give you the perfect space to stash those items you need on hand. (via Glamour)

Remote bedside storage

Did you know that those couch organizers for remotes work on your bed too? If you haven’t got space for a bedside table, keep all your stuff close in a hanging pocket. It will take up less space visually too. (via PB Teen)

Shower caddy hygene storage

Sharing a shower requires creative thinking if you don’t want to always be carrying your hygiene products to and from the bathroom. Store all your shower necessities in a plastic caddy that can get wet without a problem. Shower dilemma solved. (via I Heart Organizing)

DIY magnetic makeup board

If you and your roommate are determined to share everything, it’s time to think about your makeup. Instead of keeping it in an overflowing box, make it an art piece by creating this magnet frame to keep everything organized. Now neither of you will have to ask for that favorite lipstick. (via Popsugar)

Decorating Round Tufted Ottoman With Buttons And Pink Storage Round Tufted Storage Ottoman - Modern Design

Ottomans are such versatile pieces. Find one with storage on the inside and you can use it for extra seating or put a tray on top to make a table for movie night. When you’re done, just push it away in the closet or under a desk. (via Walmart)

Shower caddy note storage

If we’re using non-shower items in the shower, we can certainly use items meant for the shower in the bedroom. Hang a caddy on the wall as vertical storage for notebooks, pencils, even wrapping necessities for your friend’s birthdays. (via BHG)

Vertical hutch for storage

Every dorm room has vertical space, no matter how many square feet you’re in. Use a foldable hutch on a dresser as extra space for books, baskets or even a coffee station. You’ll be the only dorm room with one. (via I Heart Organizing)

Cork house storage

Dorm storage is all about versatility. DIY this adorable cork house that not only keeps all your notes straight, the roof comes off to reveal storage space for all your sticky notes and push pins. (via Sugar and Cloth)

Hanging scarf storage

A girl without her scarf collection is something akin to a disaster. Instead of hanging all your scarves on a hook and creating a scarf monster, use plastic shower rings to hang your scarves from one hanger that will fit easily in your closet. (via Be Different Act Normal)

DIY wooden memo board

Sure, you could put a cork board on the wall and call it a day, or you could make this gorgeous organizer to hold all your notes and photos. That would definitely be better. (via A Bubbly Life)

Paint chip calendar

No doubt, someone bought you a cork board to take to college. So take it! And use paint chips to turn it into a calendar so you and your roommate can easily stay on the same page all year long. (via Say Yes)

First aid toolbox

Everyone should have a First Aid kit in some size where they live. You can put yours together in a tool box and slide it under the bed for easy access during emergencies. You’ll become the dorm’s nurse with this lot. (via Sarah With An H)