Clever Repurposing – Door Headboard Ideas

Headboard, although they may seem like just another piece of furniture we usually take for granted, are much more interesting than that. They come in tons of different designs and can be made of just about any material. In addition, headboard offer lots of room for DIY creativity and there are numerous ways in which you can repurpose things like old window frames, pallets and doors as headboards.


A simple wooden door placed horizontally is one of the simplest options. It can serve as a perfectly functional headboard and you can even attach sconces or lamps to it or add shelves and other accessories.{found on embracemyspace}.

Colorful kids bedroom with door headboard 1024x679

For a bohemian look, try repurposing a vintage set of door. If you can find them with the original paint that would be even better. Keep the authentic look intact.{found on incorporatedny}.


Another interesting option is to use barn doors. Depending on the dimensions of the bed frame, opt for a single door or for a pair. The distressed finish and worn look give the headboard a particularly charming look.{found on salomeinteriors}.

Colorful kids bedroom with door headboard 1024x679

Similarly, this pair of old garage doors in wood was repurposed beautifully into a one-of-a-kind headboard. In combination with the rest of the furniture, the finishes and the accessories, the result is an eclectic design.{found on dreamywhites}.


Of course, the more interesting the door is the more eye-catching the headboard will be as well. So feel free to repaint the door and to pick colors that work well with the palette used in the bedroom.{found on angelaflournoy}.


Also, two or more doors can be used to create a headboard. In that case, they’re placed vertically to create a high headboard which covers a large portion of the wall. The dimensions very according to the type of door.{found on whitneylyons}.


Antique doors are perhaps the most interesting. They feature interesting and complex designs with carved details on their surface and intricate patterns. Such a beautiful door can make a unique headboard anytime.{found on ashleycamper}.


Chances are that double doors and double beds have similar dimensions so make some measurements and find the style you prefer. You can either leave the hardware such as the handles on the door or remove them.{found on fluffinteriordesign}.


Any type of door can be a potential headboard. In this case, a French door was used. However, for safety reasons, the lites should be of plexiglass instead of regular glass or the risk to accidentally break one is not worth the look.{found on realtyqueento}.

Colorful kids bedroom with door headboard 1024x679

In the case of a DIY project such as this one, you have the option to customize it however you want. So, for example, a wooden door can be repainted to match the walls in the room or the bed or accessories.{found on averielane}.


Apart from the fact that you can paint the door and give it any color and design you want, there’s also a number of other details you can add. For example, decorate the portion of the wall above the headboard with framed photos, posters, etc.


Complement your DIY door headboard with another DIY project such as a wall-mounted shelf which you can place above the headboard and use it to display personal artwork, framed images or use it as a nightstand replacement in a really tight room.


The door or doors don’t necessarily have to completely replace your headboard. You can actually have two headboards, one that comes with the bed and one you’ve made yourself using vintage doors such as in this case. Because the bed’s headboard has a thin metal structure, it doesn’t cover up the second one.{found on annesneed}.


It’s a lot more interesting when the door you repurpose as a headboard doesn’t have a design similar to the actual room door. A nice option would be to pick different colors for them to make a clear distinction.{found on thedesignatelier}.

Colorful kids bedroom with door headboard 1024x679

Here’s another interesting detail: an old barn door can be accessorized with hooks, monograms and other features and, as a result, the headboard can become multifunctional. It can even become a focal point for the room. This is a lovely idea for the kids’ room.{found on meaddesignco}.


An old barn door that still has the original paint on can be very charming. However, the worn finish is not always suitable for all types of decors and styles. Also, always check for bugs, termites and other unwanted little things which you don’t want to bring in the bedroom.


If you integrate the door headboard into the room from the start, you can use it as inspiration for the rest of the room. In a way, you’d be designing and planning the décor around it, picking colors that allow it to stand out and accessories and patterns that create pleasant contrasts.