Doodle art desk for kids

It’s a well known fact that when little kids discover painting they start to exploit it at a max level. It’s the same with everything they find interesting and fun. So if you have a small kid that just started learning how to draw or write, you might want to buy him a desk so that he can do that in an organized space.

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The Flip and Doodle art desk is perfect for little kids. It’s fun and colorful and it provides a lot of storage space for paper, crayons and other stuff they might need. It’s a way to let them express themselves, to use their imagination and to exercise their talent. Talent is something that you usually inherit, but half of it is also hard work and exercise. This practical art desk is very useful as it can be used in two different ways. It can be used either as an easel or a desk, just by flipping down the desk. It features multiple molded-in trays and shelves for lots of storage and a metal dry-erase board.

It also comes with an 11’’ high stool. It’s a great piece of furniture for kids that are two years-old and up. The dimensions of the desk are 25.0L x 18.0W x 34.0H. It’s easy to assemble and it will provide a great place for your kid to just express its creativity whenever he wants.Available for 52.54$.