Don Vino Wine Table

Many people drink a glass of wine every day or maybe on occasions. But not all of them or us are wine lovers or collectors. However some people have a real passion for wine, collecting valuable wine bottles from all over the world. This exquisite Don Vino wine table is an exclusive product of Chicone Cabinetmakers and it was inspired by the shape and material of the oak barrels that are used for storing wine in the underground cellars in the big wineries.

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The legs of the wooden table are rounded, imitating the round shape of the barrels perfectly. The upper part of the table is round, too and it is covered with glass in order to allow those sitting round the table to see its contents. And sometimes these contents are really valuable because the table has some special places for storing wine bottles. You simply introduce the wine bottle in the round openings situated in the table. That is possible because  the table top is wider than usual. But you can admire the original design in the pictures and , if you like what you see and want to purchase such an item, you can purchase it for $2,400.

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