Don Draper’s Apartment in “Mad Men”

Films can be of various kinds: adventure films, romances, dramas, thrillers, detective films, SF films and the list may go on. Usually a film focuses on a certain idea and tries to feature a certain world. The moment you watch a film you will be exposed to a total different society, with different ideas and mentality.

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“Mad Men’ is an American dramatic television series which is set in 1960s.This film has as protagonist Don Draper and the focal point of the series goes around him and the people that appear in his life. ”Mad Men” is also a film which tries to depict the changing moods and social mores of the 1960s America.

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An interesting place of the film is represented by Apartment 17-B which is Don Draper’s apartment(Donald Francis Draper).This apartment is a representative image of 1960s as it is a classic retro 1960s style apartment.The apartment is built in cabinetry, has great furniture so that is the perfect vintage style show room for this film.

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There are used vibrant and warm colors like red, brown or blue. You can see the blue cabinets in the kitchen, the orange shag rugs or the red carpets. It represents an excellent place for entertainment as you can invite and enjoy here with a lot of guests and take advantage of the spacious interiors.

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Everything seems to be arranged and matched in a symmetric way so that it creates a luxurious and refined atmosphere. The contrastive nuances are also used as you can see the light floors and ceilings which are contrasted by the dark or colored furniture or other interior items.{found on latimes}.