Domitalia Phantom Armchair

Many people like watching horror movies or reading horror books for the thrill they give, for the intense fear you feel when seeing or imagining all kinds of monsters and phantoms. And most of the times those phantoms are described as “floating”, wearing something like a table cloth or a bed sheet on. Well, with this picture in mind these two designers – Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini, both from Italy, created this amazing and unique Domitalia Phantom Armchair. It looks more like the phantom of a chair or a chair covered with a bed sheet, floating in the air.

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Well, this interesting modern armchair is actually made of recyclable material and has a polyethylene frame, being molded and then modeled so as to look like the cover of a chair.  Because of the material used for making it, basically plastic, it is perfect for outdoor use, as it does not deteriorate even in winter and in bad weather.

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It is very comfortable and nice, being available in many colours. The arm rests are not detached from the chair, but an integrated part of the whole, making it look great. It is great for modern homes and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Kids will love it as it is colourful and also lightweight, so they find it easy to move it around. Not to mention the fact that it cannot be broken, which is a plus. So the item is in store for $558.