Doll house bookcase

A very ingenious idea coming from Harry Allen. He designed a modular bookcase that ended up looking like a doll house. It’s not an opportunity that you have every day: to have a house inside your house. It’s true, it’s just a doll house, but still a house.

Home bookcase 1

The design will remind you of your childhood and the way you used to play with dolls and pretend they were alive and they had their own home and friends and all that stuff. That’s if you’re a girl. If not, this bookcase will remind you of…nothing, in the best case scenario. It’s definitely a special storage unit. If you don’t want it, your kid will take it without even thinking about it. But enough about the doll house shape. Let’s talk about the functional part of this bookcase. It has 15 shelves of various sizes where you can store your books, magazines, even CDs or DVDs or collectibles. How cool would it be to have a doll collection and to store it in this piece? Think about it.