Do-Lo-Rez sofa by Ron Arad

The Do-Lo-Rez sofa, even if it doesn’t have such an attractive name, or at least not for me, is actually a very fun piece of furniture. It was designed by Ron Arad and it’s one of his most beautiful creations. The sofa a very dynamic, contemporary design as it’s made of multiple cubes and rectangles of different heights to create a an unusual structure.

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It’s an interesting combination of shape and color. Usually it’s one or the other, but in this case it’s both. The structure is very unusual. The different cubes and rectangles are arranged in rows and their height varies. All the pieces share the same dimensions in terms of footprint (21 x 21 cm) but it’s their height that varies from 27, 5 cm to 83 cm. The sofa is made from polyurethane foam that also varies but in density to ensure both a sturdy base and a soft seating area.

Do Lo Rez by Ron Arad 41

It’s a very comfortable sofa. It’s useless to say to say it will unintentionally become the center of attention. It’s not just because of the design, but also because of the colors used. Whether you choose the vibrant tones of red , pink and black or the more quiet tones of white, grey, black and beige, it’s still going to look amazing.It’s a very fun and versatile sofa that would look great in a modern or contemporary living room.