How To Turn An Old Door Into A Table – 5 DIY Methods

Re-purposing objects and recycling materials can be both fun and good for the environment. There are lots of great projects you can try. An interesting idea can be to use an old door in a rather unexpected way: as a tabletop. We’ve prepared five DIY projects that focus on this very idea.

Old door turned into a dining table

The first one is a project we came across on Thepiffycompany. In this case, a wooden door was transformed into a lovely and charming dining table. After removing the hardware, the door was stained and then positioned on top of a table base. It looks nice despite the fact that it doesn’t have a flat, smooth surface.

Picnic table from a recycled door

Another perhaps even more suitable idea could be to turn a door into an outdoor table top. Given the circumstances and the fact that worn finishes and designs that don’t necessarily pay a lot of attention to the little details look pretty great when used outdoors, there’s no need to spend a lot of time sanding, staining or painting the door. {found on staceyembracingchange}

Converting an old wooden door into a coffee table

Converting an old wooden door into a coffee table can be a way of thinking out of the box. And if you want the table to stand out even more, leave the hardware on. This way it will have a more authentic look.

Barn door into a coffee table

Barn doors can also be converted into tabletops. On Cleverlyinspired you can find out exactly how the process would go in this case. After attaching the legs, the table is pretty much complete. The last thing you need to do is add a glass top in order to obtain a smooth surface.

Coffee table from a recycled door cand be turned into a desk

Similarly, a door, regardless of its type, could be turned into a desk. You can turn it into a DIY project and it would be simpler than it seems. You just have to pay attention to the details. The great thing is that you can customize it in a lot of interesting ways.