DIY Zebra Console Table

Zebra is a beautiful and exotic animal which has always charmed us with its gorgeous contrasted colored skin. The way its black and white lines appear on its skin create a nice image which we have always admired and appreciated.

IMG 0865

Maria Jones is also an admirer of the same pattern that imitates the skin of a zebra and has managed to create her own DIY Zebra Console Table helped by her sister and husband. If you like her original work, you love zebras and you would like to have a similar DIY Zebra Console Table follow the next pieces of information that might help you to get it.

First you need some materials like: hardwood to assemble table, nail gun or nails/hammer, Zebra contact paper, scissors, and nail heads.First gather 3 large pieces of hardwood according to how high and wide you would like your table.

IMG 0865

Next assemble hardwood pieces by using nail-gun or nails and hammer.Then wrap in zebra contact paper, just like your wrapping a present, trim excess with scissors and line up pattern.Then tack in nail heads with a mallet on the front and you are done!Now you can enjoy your own DIY Zebra Console Table that will add to your interior design an exotic touch.{found on designsponge}