DIY Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Weddings are fun and beautiful but they can also be very stressful and expensive. There are many things to worry about and, even though the decorations and the centerpieces are not the most important part of the wedding, they make everything so much more beautiful. It’s why they have to be chosen carefully, still, you can’t afford to spend a fortune on decorations. A nice idea would be to make some yourself. We have prepared some great DIY projects for you to take a look at.

Use lanterns.

Wedding lanterns centerpiece1View in gallery
For a vintage appeal, try to pair the lanterns with floral arrangements
White lantern wedding centerpieceView in gallery
You can keep the décor simple and casual while also maintaining an elegant feel

A very nice and lovely idea would be to use lanterns as centerpieces. By doing so, you can create a vintage look and a charming atmosphere. Moreover, the candles will make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate. As opposed to using only candles, lanterns are much better choice because they are safer and a much better choice for outdoor receptions.

Use candles.

Wedding candlesView in gallery
Candles create a very romantic mood and they can also be used as decorations for the rest of the space

Lanterns may be safer and this is something to take into consideration if children are going to be there, but candles have their advantages as well. They are versatile and you can use them in many different ways. For example, if you want to create a romantic and stylish look, you can use a glass bowl filled with water and you can have little floating candles.

Use bowls of fruit.

Wedding fruits on tableView in gallery
For a more elegant and sophisticated look you can use transparent bowls
Lemon fruitsView in gallery
Play with colors and shapes and try to make an eye-catching statement piece

If you prefer something simple you can just use bowls that are filled with fruit. You can arrange the fruit in many different ways and get a beautiful centerpiece. Use different fruit and combine the colors, shapes and textures. It would be like having floral arrangements except that the flowers are replaced with fruit. It’s simple and it’s also fun.

Go vintage and rustic.

Vintage table decorView in gallery
Combine natural materials and add a touch of green to your centerpieces
Table decor wedding 511x1024View in gallery
For the floral arrangements, you can use repurposed bottles or Mason jars
Table wedding numberView in gallery
Create rustic wedding table numbers out of wood and use organic shapes

There’s something unique about vintage decorations and centerpieces. They can change the whole atmosphere and they make it feel casual yet elegant, romantic and charming. There are lots of ideas that you can use if you want to opt for vintage or for rustic centerpieces for your wedding reception. You have to think of the materials, colors and the overall look.


Diy rustic wedding centerpiecesView in gallery
You could use candles, transparent vases and dried flowers or fabric to make lovely centerpieces
Diy milk glass1View in gallery
You could also make vases out of recycled containers and fill them with flowers

Another great way of saving money and f making sure you’re happy with the way your wedding reception centerpieces look is to simply do them yourself. There are lots of easy DIY projects for you to try and you can also ask some of your friends to help. It will be fun and you’ll get to contribute to the way the décor looks like.

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