Wall Organizers That Keep Your Home From Getting Messy

Every room has its own set of knick-knacks that you don’t really know what to do with and which end up cluttering the space. Then there are also the actually useful items which belong there but for which you have no good storage system. In cases like these you have to take a step back and find a way to optimize your interior design and décor. Our suggestion: wall organizers.

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A wall organizer can keep your craft room clean and welcoming by taking things off the table and putting them on display so you can easily find and take them when needed. You can have such a system built from some old crib railings. You can adapt it to turn it into an organizer for ribbons, paper rolls, brushes and other things. Attach containers, hooks and rods and customize it however you want.

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Using two pillowcases and a clothes hanger you can make an organizer for your mail or for magazines, books and other things. Use the pillowcases to make storage pockets. Attach them to the hanger so you can hang your organizer from a wall hook, a door knob or any other similar element. Such an accessory could be useful in a lot of different spaces. You can find the full tutorial for this project on onceuponherdream.

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A problem in a lot of kitchens is the lack of a proper storage system for knives. Magnetic knife racks are definitely a great solution. You could make one yourself using a wood board, some sandpaper, a drill, round magnets, adhesive and screws. Drill the holes for the magnets and those for the screws. Put the magnets in and glue them in the right position. Then mount your knife rack on the wall. {found on thethings-we-do}

DIY kitchen organizerView in gallery

Another useful accessory for the kitchen could be an organizer for spices and utensils. It doesn’t have to look extraordinary as long as it’s practical. You can make such an organizer out of a wire frame, wire shelves, S hooks and using some spray paint and a few nails. Spray paint the frame, shelves and hooks and hang them as desired. You can decorate with faux leaves as shown on creatingwithklc if you want.

Hallway mail organizerView in gallery

An entryway or hallway could use a wall organizer for things like mail and magazines. You could make one out of an old shutter. You’ll also need some wall hooks, a triangle ring hanger, screws, some cardboard and a screw driver. You can find all the necessary details on thethings-we-do. Feel free to customize the organizer.

Plastic organizerView in gallery

Home offices and work stations in general need a wall organizer to keep all the little things contained. Such an organizer could look like the one on sinnenrausch. You can build it yourself using some plywood, acrylic paint, sandpaper and glue. You can also make the storage containers yourself or you can buy them and paint them to match the organizer.

Old denim jeans pocket organizerView in gallery

Pocket organizers are great for a lot of things. They help you organize all the little things you usually keep in the pockets of your jeans. Actually, you could use this idea and make an organizer out of lots of jeans pockets. It would be a perfect mode of recycling your old jeans. Check out the design on pillarboxblue for more inspiration regarding this unusual project.