Three Ingenious Bike Hangers With Unusual designs

Bikes started to replace cars in a lot of cities. The transition is a positive ones from several points of view but that’s not the topic of our article today. What we’re more interested in is the methods you can use to store your bike inside your home without it occupying a lot of space or looking unaesthetic. More specifically, we’ll discuss bike hangers.

1. Hanger made from old bike parts


We’ve selected three bike hanger designs in particular because we find them each interesting in a unique way. The first one is a bike hanger you can make from old bike parts. The project is especially attractive if you have an old bike which you don’t mind taking apart.


You only need a few pieces: a set of drop-styles handle bars, a quill stem that fits the handle bars, an old tire, a threaded piece of galvanized steel pipe, a wall flange that fits the pipe, in addition to a drill and two wood screws.


The first step is to put the handle bars into the stem. Then you have to attach the pipe to the wall flange and insert the quill into the pipe. Next, mount the hanger on the wall using wood screws. Determine the height at which you want the bike to be placed and use a tape measure to make sure everything sits just right.{found on kylethewilson}.

2. Reclaimed wood hanger with pipe attachments

Reclaimed wood and pipe bike hanger

This is a very simple project which you do in just a few minutes. All you need is some reclaimed wood, pipe fittings and some scrap rubber inner tube. We found this project on instructables so make sure to check out the full description to find out more about it.

Start by cutting and finishing the wood. Depending on the condition of your reclaimed wood boards, this part can differ. You may have to cut the boards to size, to sand them, stain them and so on. Once you’re done with this part, it’s time to assemble the pipes. You’ll be using some pipes, flanges, elbow joints and end caps.

Closer look to the pipe bike hanger

The next step is to use tape to mark on the wall the exact spot where you want to mount the hanger. Then drill the holes and mount the hanger. Once that’s done too, use some inner tube to wrap the pipes so your bike rims don’t sit directly on metal and ruin the paint. What’s lest after this is to hang your bike there and see how it looks.{found on instructables}.

3. Plastic bike hanger which doubles as a shelf

Living room Bike hanger

This is a bike rack you can buy on Etsy but which you could also craft yourself if desired. Its design is simple, attractive and versatile. The hanger can hold bikes with handlebars up to 23” wide and frame tubes up to 1.75” in diameter. Custom adjustments can be made on order or if you decide to turn this into a DIY project.

The rack is minimalist, made of plastic and shaped like a tube. The interior of the tube can be used as a shelf for storing bike gear and small accessories. It has a smooth sanded flat white finish and, if you wish, you can change the color by painting the rack.

Closer look to the bike hanger

Mounting the rack on the wall is very simple. It comes with two sets of mounting hardware. One is for mounting the rack to a stud or wood and the second is for mounting it to drywall. If you choose a different option then you’d have to supply your own hardware.

Keep in mind that, given the simplicity of the design, you can transform this into a simple DIY project in which case you’ll be able to adjust and change the design according to your needs and preferences.