When Tea Cups Become Flower Pots – cute transformations

How cute are tea cups? They’re so small and lovely you can’t possibly not love them. Vintage tea cups are especially chic and elegant, with their ruffled edges and floral designs. Sure, it’s nice to have such a collection and to actually use it but usually you just end up with one of two tea cups. Even so, you can can use in a lovely fashion if you decide to turn them into flower pots.


There’s no need to modify anything about the cup. All you have to do is get some potting soil and some herbs you want to plant and to have fun turning the cup into a pot. You can check out intimateweddings to see how a vintage cup would look like after the transformation. You can display your new pot on a shelf, a window sill or you can offer it as a gift.

spring teacup flower arrangement

If you want to try something a bit more complex, you should have a look at the idea suggested on valleyandcolifestyle. The supplies needed for the project include some tea cups, metal frogs from floral supply stores or floral foam, clippers, some water and a selection of flowers. Place a metal frog in each cup and secure it to the bottom with hot glue. Then add some water. Start adding the taller flowers and then the smaller ones as well as a few leaves. Fill in any gaps with roses.

small teacup flower planter

Turning a tea cup into a flower pot is an extremely simple project, so simple even a kid could do it. In fact, this would be a wonderful idea. Turn this into a project for the kids. Give them all the things they need and let them have fun. If you don’t have tea cups or you don’t want the kids to ruin them, give them some simple jars, some old watering cans or small buckets and containers. They can use them all for the project. You’ll find more suggestions on oneartsymama.

teacup succulent planter

Since tea cups are small, a logical course of action if you want to turn them into pots is to fill them with succulents or tiny plants such as a little cactus. You can see how it could all turn up on tattoedmartha. As you can see here, the project is simple and requires some simple tea cups, cacti or succulents, small pebbles or stones, cactus soil and a few broken shells, aquarium rocks or marbles to display on top.

teacup planters with colorful design

You can create your own collection of cute little tea cup planters. They don’t all have to match. Each one can be different, from a different set. They’ll be linked by the fact that they underwent the same transformation. You can also do this with regular cups or with coffee mugs. You’ll find more details and ideas in this sense on thebowerbirdstories. It’s a great project that re-purposes mismatched cups.

Spring table decor

Can’t figure out what to use as a table centerpiece for Easter? How about a bunch of tea cup planters filled with colorful little flowers? They’d definitely look very fresh and cheerful, inviting spring beauty into your home. Pansies would be ideal for the project. In case you’re having trouble with the project, check out houseofhawthornes for additional info.

vintage teacup cake topper

There are lots of other interesting ways in which to use a tea cup planter. One idea is offered on ruffledblog. The supplies needed for the project are flowers, a vintage tea cup and its saucer, floral foam, a twig, colored paper, some paper embellishments, glue dots, tape and a pen. The idea is to turn the cup into a cake topper. You can improvise and pick your own ornaments and decorations.

teacup planter favors

Another very interesting idea, also suggested on ruffledblog, is to turn tea cup pots into favors for spring parties, events or even weddings. All you’ll need is potting soil, tea cups, small plants, saucers and skewers and paper for the name tags. If you want to show extra care and thought, you can pick a different plant for each guest, according to their personalities and preferences.

teacup flowers

A different possibility is to use the tea cup as a sort of vase and to create a complex floral arrangement to display in it. It would help to find some tea cups that aren’t all tiny and small. You can mix and match various flowers of different types and colors in order to create the palette and the theme you want for the event.

Spring teacup glass

As you’ve probably realized, these tea cup pots are a wonderful way to welcome spring and to enjoy its freshness. If you want to capture some of this beauty, try the project on cottageatthecrossroads. The tea cup is the main piece here but you’ll also need a glass cloche, a tray, some moss, plants and other decorative things. You’ll create a sort of terrarium.