DIY vintage lamp makeover

Some of the most fun and creative DIY projects include lamp makeovers. I’m sure you have at least one lamp that you’re not satisfied with or a lamp with a broken lamp shade. First of all, just because the shade is broken it doesn’t mean the lamp is useless. In fact, the most important part of the lamp is still functional. Secondly, the shade is the most visually prominent element of a lamp so you can easily change its appearance by modifying the shade.

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A great element that you can use to create a vintage lamp shade is a doily. It sounds odd but it’s like it was made for this. So let’s see how you can turn an old and broken lamp into a vintage masterpiece. First find a lamp with a broken shade or one that you don’t mind taking apart. Then remove all the fabric or fiberglass surrounding the lamp shade. All that need to remain is the skeleton of the lamp.

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You’ll have to measure the height and width of the lampshade and come up with a design for it. Next, lay the doilies out in the plan you have created for the lamp shade. Stitch them together using white embroidery floss and create a pattern you like. Once you’ve done that, attach it onto the lamp by stitching them to the frame. It’s easy, creative and a great way to repair a lamp and to also get rid of some of the old doilies you have lying around in the house.{found on abeautifulmess}.