DIY Versatile and flexible Computer Speaker Mounts

Finding the right type of speakers for your computer is more difficult than it seems. They have to meet some personal technical requirements and for most people they also have to be flexible and adaptable. In this case, the Tertial work lamp comes in very handy because it gives you the flexibility that you need.

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They can help you reach the perfect height for your computer speakers and also free some desk space that we all know is very important and never enough. The Tertial work lamp, as it is called, costs only $ 9 USD and it’s extremely flexible and versatile. As the name might suggest, the Tertial work lamp was originally a lamp but it can be easily transformed into a mounting system for your computer speakers. Transforming it in easy. You just need to unscrew the light socket and snip off the wires. So fas so good.

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The hard part is attaching the speakers to the metal plate. This could be a challenge. You’ll need to bend the plat in order to make it flat. Then drill two holes into the speakers and plug them with a drywall anchor cut short. You might not like drilling holes into the speakers but it’s a necessary step so if you don’t want to do that you might as well give up this project. Last, keep everything in place with a small screw. The result is a very flexible support for your speakers that will allow you to articulate them in every direction.{found on ikeahackers}