Collect All The Candy in These DIY Trick or Treat Bags

There seems to be a unspoken contest between children every year at Halloween. Who’s costume is the best? They strut and skip and show off their ghoulish finery… with a plain pillowcase dangling from one hand. It certainly doesn’t help the vision. Your child will love you even more for creating them a unique Halloween trick-or-treat bag to collect all of their goodies while they stroll the neighborhood. Take a look at these 10 DIY trick-or-treat bags that they won’t mind carrying around town.

applique halloween bags

These cutie reverse applique treat totes can be as creative as you like. Let your kids choose their fabric and each will be unique to your child’s taste… and costume if you like! A pumpkin for Cinderella or a bat for Batman. (via DIY Candy)

dyed pillowcase bag

If pillowcases really are in your child’s trick-or-treat future, at least make them a little more colorful. You decide if you want to let the kids do the dye or save yourself the mess and do them yourself. (via Everyday Dishes and DIY)

spider halloween bag

How about something a little bit creepy crawly? This tote uses a quick stitch to attach plastic spiders and lace “webs” to a plain tote. You can use a black one or even a color that will match your child’s costume. (via My So Called Crafty Life)

lego halloween bucket

So many kids will go on their trick-or-treat adventures dressed as Lego people. If one of them is yours, make them this fun Lego candy bucket to collect all their treats. Bonus for you, it will make it easy to steal your favorite. (via Simply Kelly Designs)

tutu halloween bag

Little girls must have the frills on everything, right? Trick-or-treat totes are no different. In a few minutes, you can sew a tutu onto a canvas tote and your little one will want to carry it around until Christmas. (via Two Sisters Crafting)

monster halloween bag

You might not approve of the realistic looking Halloween foolery, but this cute little monster tote is sure to be a hit with your child. Put your sewing skills to work with a little felt to make this trick-or-treat bag that won’t be scary at all. (via The Piper’s Girls)

mummy halloween bag

If this mummy tote scares you a little bit, don’t worry. It’s only cloth tape and googly eyes from the dollar store. In fact, it’s so easy that you can let your kids put this together all by themselves. Perfect to keep them busy while waiting for trick-or-treat time! (via Popsugar)

pastel halloween buckets

Not all trick-or-treat options have to be black and scary. These pastel pumpkin buckets are the perfect way to upgrade a store-bought trick-or-treat bucket into something your child will use for years. (via Sugar and Cloth)

skeleton halloween bag

Got a teenager who is going for treats but doesn’t want the embarrassment of a little pumpkin bucket? Have them try this flamingo skeleton on for size. Trust me. It will become her everyday purse. (via Persia Lou)

monster halloween bucket

Maybe you don’t have the funds for a new bucket or tote. In that case, upgrade the little pumpkin bucket you already have to a one eye-ed monster that reminds me of Mike Wazowski. It will be a hit. (via The Pinning Mama)