Stylish DIY Variations Of The Old-Fashioned Tree Swing

Anyone who had a tree in their backyard when they were little or who got to visit the countryside as a kid knows how fun it is to swing from a tree using nothing more than some rope and a piece of wood. The old-fashioned tree swing has made a lot of kids happy. Adults enjoyed it just as much, given how easy this thing is to build and how versatile it is. Today we’ll reminisce a little bit with some variations of the classical design.


First let’s take a look at a design that’s pretty close to the basic model but with some added style. You can find out how to build this particular tree swing by following the instructions provided on abeautifulmess. You’ll need a piece of wood for the seat, another one for the top, rope, wood glue, two clamps, a drill, 8 screws, sandpaper and paint. Two chain quick links connect the seat to the top portion of the swing mostly made of rope.


An even simpler version of this swing is described on themerrythrought. To make this one you’ll need a piece of wood, rope, a saw, a drill and sandpaper. Decide how long you want the seat to be and cut the wood. Sand down the edges to make them smooth. Measure and mark the holes and drill them. Run some rope through them on both sides and tie knots. Then knot two longer pieces of rope to these two loops and secure them to a tree branch.

Skateboard deck swing

Instead of using a piece of wood for the seat, repurposing an old skateboard can be a pretty great idea. It already has the right shape and size so all you have to do is drill four holes and run some rope through them. Then knot the rope and loop it around a sturdy tree branch. This ingenious idea comes from 1001gardens.

Platform swing

There are all sorts of variations and models for both types of swings. For example, the platform swing featured on thenaughtymommy is pretty interesting and also looks rather comfortable. To make something similar for your kids you’ll require some PVC pipes and corners, PVC cement and primer, rope, nylon webbing and pop rivets. Cut the pipe into four pieces and make the frame using the PVC corners. Then attach the nylon webbing by folding it over itself and pushing the rivets through the overlapping piece. Hang the swing with rope.

baby swing tutorial

Make a cute swing that’s safe and comfortable for toddlers by following the instructions on themakerista. The materials needed include outdoor fabric, a sewing machine, thread, round dowel rods, a saw, a drill, nylon rope, a steel ring, rope clamps, a hammer and a spring link as well as a swing mounting bracket. The black and white striped fabric featured here looks very beautiful, giving the swing a stylish and chic look.

Rope swing

Another fun design for a tree swing can be found on whitetulipdesigns. This one is made using a wooden round, some additional wood pieces, a saw, a drill, rope, primer and paint. A hole is drilled at the center of the wood round. After this, the fun part comes. Start painting the wood. You can make it look like a watermelon slice or you can give it any other design you want. The rope goes through the center hole and needs a solid knot.